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Thu Jan 1

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Well, in Chicago it’s winter time (sort of). I know, it may be a little difficult to see that when the temperature is 50 degrees one day and below 30 the next (hi global warming), but hey, we should be prepared regardless, right? Being prepared doesn’t have to mean looking shoddy. You can be warm and trendy at the same time! When I think of what I look forward to most about winter time, it’s wearing layers. You can’t have layers without the MVP (that’s Most Valuable Player for you non-sports heads), the scarf.

There are different styles and materials of scarves ranging from wool, to silk, to cotton. Depending on the weather and what you plan on accomplishing during the day/night, you can find the perfect style that suits you.

Heavy Duty: The Wool Scarf

This is a great wool scarf paired with a plaid pea coat. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty scarf look or you’re planning on hiking from one place to another, braving the elements, this look is good for you. Make sure your outfit doesn’t center around this piece, as when you get inside, it will likely be hot as hell, and you’ll be wanting to take it off.

The International Trendsetter: The Keffiyeh Scarf

This is one of my favorites, and most of you know this. I rock this occasionally. It’s hard not to when it goes so well with so many different types of outfits. First becoming pop­u­lar in the United States in the late 1980s, the Keffiyeh is still a great look that can be paired with just about anything, ranging from T-shirts, tops, blouses, to long sleeve shirts. You can even wear them under a jacket. The most appealing aspect about this style of scarf is it’s versatility. It can keep you warm in the winter, or be an eye-grabbing fashion piece that can still let your outfit shine in the warmer months.

Colorful: The Head-Turner

Many times, the best way to really make your outfit stand out is by adding something entirely different to the mix. The best way to accomplish this is to inject a little color into your look. Throw on a scarf that makes your outfit really pop and become a whole new look. A scarf of contrasting color really works well; preferably of silk or cotton material, nothing too heavy or it will overpower your outfit. Don’t be scared to keep it on indoors, either as the material makes it wearable without becoming burdening or stuffy. Try it!

Looking to update your scarf look? Check out Urban Outfitters or H&M for lots of great affordable scarf fashion for men and women! If you’re in Chicago and looking for great local designers, check out Redgi Woods of ReFINDefined and Imagine Fashions. Their goal is to produce eco-friendly and fashionable outfits, plus it’s for a great cause. Check out their pop-up shops all over Chicago! Also check out Andrew David Pace, a local Chicago designer of scarves & many other things.

A Look by Andrew David Pace, Chicago Designer

Andrew David Pace

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