“Danger” a new look by Empire Chicago

Thu Jan 1

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Remember those jaw-dropping women in the James Bond movies that would always somehow lure him in with seduction? “Danger” is a look that visualizes both mystery and a sense of risk. Play it up the sexual prowess of being a female and let your outfit do the talking for you.

Danger Look by Empire Chicago

Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. This dress is classy enough to wear in any setting yet sexy enough show off your curves in the right way. A little scandalous mixed with a little class never hurt anyone (well, maybe James Bond), but this outfit will most certainly raise the question, “Who’s side is she really on?”

The Ultimate Dilemma: Good Girl or Bad Girl?

Model: Emmi Moreira
Hair & Makeup: Ariana Valvdivia
Creative Vision: Manny
Photography: Xavier

Soundtrack to the Photoshoot

  • M83 – Midnight City [Listen]
  • Desire – Under Your Spell [Listen]
  • Drake – Fireworks [Listen]


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