Chicago Nightlife Fashion Spotlight (has Kanye taught us nothing?)

Thu Jan 1

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The past few weekends were so, so, so cool fashion-wise here in Chicago! Both Hearts on Friday and RSVP Lounge on Saturday were oozing with fashion statements and bold ideas. The JM Couture Fashion showcase at Hearts Nightclub Chicago was brilliant. Jim Mullin is truly a fashion icon here in the city and his edge continues to shock me. View a day in the life:

On Saturday, I was joined at RSVP Lounge by some of my more trendsetting (someone told me on Twitter that I sounded like I was in high school for using “trendy” in a sentence…is that true? Can’t be.) friends, like Mr. Redgi Woods, a Chicago Fashion Designer & Freelance Stylist. Even though he had a few negative comments about my outfit, I kept my composure and ignored it. Okay. I could have choked him. BUT even though not everything is about Redgi and his opinion, he decided to give his two cents about some cool Chicago trends he noticed at RSVP last Saturday. Don’t worry, you won’t want to choke him.

Chicago nightlife has a culture all of itself, so it should come as no surprise that nightlife Fashion is a world of its own. There’s nothing better than those summer time Chicago nights to bring out the good, bad, and ugly of people’s wardrobes. I believe in the concept of ladies first, but the ladies will agree that the guys are the ones that need the most TLC. Here are a couple nightlife men trends that everyone should try:”

The Fedora
“For both men and women and when worn right, is the perfect finishing touch. Word of advice; make sure to get the right size, there’s nothing worse than a big head in a little hat.”

Pattern on Pattern
“Explore your options of plaids with stripes, different types of the same pattern, etc. There is a very fine line of trendy and tacky with this one. Make sure you stick to only two different types of patterns in one outfit (to start). Also stick to a theme or color pallet to make the look more cohesive. And if you are usually a jeans and button up guy (there are way too many of you in this city!) don’t be afraid to try a patterned slack with your button up as a nice transition look.”

The Statement Necklace
“This is my favorite of all! A statement necklace quickly sets you apart from the crowd and its a great conversation starter for the ladies (has Kanye taught us nothing?).”

“Make sure you know some background on the material and/or designer. My little trick is investing in the pendants themselves; I find it easier to switch them out and play with different materials to hang them from other than the regular silver or gold necklace!”

- Redgi Woods

Besides being a busy stylist and overall fashion guru, Redgi organizes pop up shops here in Chicago titled reFINDefined. These pop up shops are premiere eco conscious vintage shops bursting on the Chicago fashion scene with the spirit of empowerment and collaboration. Read more about it at

Also a BIG thanks to Color Me Salon for coming by RSVP Lounge and showing some love to the women by providing free manicures and hairstyling for the evening. Also thanks to LEX for doing an amazing job (as usual) body painting models!


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