7 Useful Nightlife Apps for Your Phone

Thu Jan 1

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We’ve all got Draw Something, Angry Birds, Instagram, and a general overabundance of other little distractions on our phones, but what about apps that you can REALLY use on a long night out in the city? We’ve all come stumbling in at 4 in the morning and used our phones about as well as Batman would his tool belt. So, without further ado, here is the list!

7. Shazaam – “What’s the name of this song?”

shazaam android app

The DJ plays that one song and you and your friends go absolutely bonkers. Halfway through the song, you look at your friends and ask them what the song title is. No one knows (your friends can be so useless sometimes). This app makes it simple to find out what song is playing at any moment. Just activate it, and it “listens” to the song being played and finds it for you. Easy!

Shazaam Android and iPhone App

6. Cocktails & Drinks – “Hey, Bartender!”

Cocktail phone apps

Try something new or impress your friends with a drink they’ve never had before! Including (literally) thousands of recipes to browse from, this app makes a great companion when you host your own social gatherings at home. Make your night even more adventurous and taste something new!

Cocktail Android and iPhone Apps

5. Find a Taxi – “I wanna go hooooome.”

Taxi phone apps

Don’t be that guy/girl standing on the corner stumbling around with your hands waving in the air at taxis with their lights still on, filled with people. We’ve all been there. I know I have. This app takes away the hassle of waiting on the corner or calling and speaking with an operator you can barely understand. Getting home should be a simple task. Try it!

Taxi Android and iPhone Apps

4. Late Night Snack – “Shut up. Let’s get food.”

Restaurant apps for your phone

Let me guess, you’re STARVING! Everyone enjoys an amazing “best meal of their lives omg at 4am” kind of nights. Whether it’s tacos, need some pizza delivered pronto, or it’s time for breakfast, these apps help you find what is open near you or places that deliver so you can get your late-night-grub on.

Restaurants Android and iPhone Apps

3. Tell a Joke – “I like you, you’re funny.”

Cocktail phone apps

You see your crush standing by the bar and you’re on your 3rd drink. You’ve still got the butterflies and after this next drink, you’ll work up enough nerve to go over there and spark up a conversation. What’s the problem? You’ve got nothing to say. Look up a quick joke to break the ice and calm your nerves. Plus, everyone likes a good joke!

Great Joke Android and iPhone Apps

2. Flash Light – “I can’t see !@#$.”

Cocktail phone apps

It’s dark; you can’t find your keys and you can barely see anything two feet in front of you once you finally get through the door. The most handy app that I’ve used time and again (even when I’m sober believe it or not) is the flashlight app. There are a lot of different flashlight apps to choose from and I’ve tried almost all of them. My personal favorites can be found below:

Flashlight Android and iPhone Apps

You can even try the Strobe Light app if, you know, you’re throwing an “after party”.

1. Anti-Drunk Dial/Texting – “Why did I do that :(“

Taxi phone apps

We all wake up the next day groggily and reach for our phone, only to find our worst mistakes glaring back at us (while we squint with one eye). These apps make it damn near impossible to make those late night phone calls professing your undying love. You’ll appreciate it in the long run. Trust me.

Anti-Drunk Dialing/Texting Android and iPhone Apps

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